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August 10, 2016     The Westmoreland Journal
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August 10, 2016

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.." : __, '1, 3"[cateswalor,,m,t,] "1 4-Tolars, t--I I Lawn mower has a hard 1:Lfe, but t: ]rives on it i, llli There is ter- For the record, I have a proper cause the frame is so weak. Clearly, guilty. I had treated it horribly and convulsions, from this poor suffering servant, ~ rorism, political tractor. It does the heavier jobs there is nothing special about. Save it still was there ready to do the job Right at this moment, if you asked and it comes back to life. And yes,,I upheaval, global around the place. It costs about as for one thing, like my last |awnmow- when needed. Yes, it s just a lawn- me, I couldnt tell you the make and know it blade should be shot, but its warming, and a much as a small car and I take good er, it too can take anything and keep mower, but I am convinced that we model. I bought it two years ago to not. It cuts grass as easily as the first couple of hun- care of it. It works well and its kept on working, humans, like it or not, give every replace another abused lawnmower day I got it. ~ dred other things inside. But, not so my lawnmower. This winter, and this is hardly piece of equipment a personality, that by the way lasted over 20 years. With all that in mind, I am begin- to worry about. Most of the time the tractor handles something to brag about, I noted And this machine has acquired that Oh yes, I can tell you its green. -hat ning to wonder, if like my tractor, Not to mention the grass and the lawnmower is just a small lump in the snow near our of a long suffering friend who de- much I know. I shouldnt start taking better care i~ ~~ the stress andfor trim. Of course, there is a lot to back porch. So, thats where I left the serves to be treated better. But, abused or not, this little lawn of the lawnmower. Certainly it de- ' confusion of the trim around this place, lawnmower back in October. My Great Uncle was a retired mower, like its predecessor, is a serves it. " election. Sadly, and I do feel guilty about When the snow finally meltedaviation machinist. He took his tough little thing. However, I also wonder, since I ........... So, that's why I this, when I'm done with the mower enough to move it, I put it in a tool equipment seriously. Everything he My property has its share of rocks, have given it a personality, if the am going to write I usually just leave it. "[hat violates shed and figured I had pressed the owned, his tractor, the attachments, I try to pick them up, but I am con- shock of being cleaned after every about a piece of lawn care equip- every maintenance protocol I ever limited on abusing this poor piece and of course, even his lawnmower, vinced that when I do, more come to use, stored inside during bad weath- sent That's right. I said lawn care learned. The Navy, and I am think- of basic lawn technology. No doubt had a maintenance schedule. He the surface. Which is probably true. er, would be too much for it. And equipment. Yes, and not something ing of one particular Chief I knew, I would be buying a new one in the knew the make, model and year of And my lawnmower manages to that all at once, unable to adapt to high tech. Not an airborne drone would have a cow. But, this is a spring. , everything and kept a small inven- ding or hit many of them. its new circumstances, it would stop that cuts tree limbs or organic lawn lawnmower, and its not like any oth- That however didnt happen. It tory of spare parts. He was an amaz- Often, the poor thing, comes to a working. food and environmentally friendly er piece of,equipment. Not to be un- started on the second pull and im- ing man. But, I think the thought of dead stop. Several times I thought I guess I had better play it safe and pesticide. No, my subject is a lawn- kind, but its the low end of the scale, mediately I had to throttle it down. leaving of leaving a lawnmower in I had broken the crank shaft. But, keep on abusing it. mower. It even sags a little in the middle be- I was pleased, but also felt a little the snow would have sent him into a pull on the cord, a cough or two It seems to thrive on a hard life. : SUDOKU TO th r Letters e edito BENGHAZI, 2ND AMENDMENT THANKS TO THE ELKS FOR SEA ested in water activities and marl- The facility's tremendously large I I I I I I ,,., I I I I ' REASONS NOT TO VOTE FOR SCOUT DONATION time environment. The Sea Scout banquet room for everyone had | I I I t4 I I O I I I I CLINTON Recently the Elks Lodge 2666 of program is designed to build char- numerous round tables and a band- __ : z _B t I1 : : i. : President Obama and Hiliary the Northern Neck hosted a picnic acter through participation in high stand for music which was enjoyed I [ [ I I I I I I I Clinton are guilty of first degree and donated $500 to Sea Scout Ship adventure, during the meal. The meal included | I ] I IO I I I [ I | " murder because four years ago, Am- 258 of Colonial Beach. We are very If interested in joining, contact Bill not just fresh, professionally cooked i 1 i ; I I ; I I ; bassador Stevens called for help, but appreciative of their generous do- Bowman at the Boathouse Marina crabs, whitefish and fresh corn on I I [ I [ [ I [ I I | i! President Obama would not send nation. Their contribution will go a (804) 761-6620 for more informa- the cob, but also five more picnic- 1 I [ xw II [ I 1 [ [ m 1 any help. Hillary Clinton was Secre- long way to supporting the activities Lion. type dishes and numerous desserts. • t z • t t • t t • ~:;:. tary of State and she would not send ofthe Sea Scouts. StephenLee, Chairman of the "Ihe crabs were served continually I I 16 I 51413 I 218 I I i' ' any help either when the Marines The funds will help pay for their Committee for Sea Scout Ship 258 to each table until the end, and then l I ] -- 1 -- I -- I -- l [ -- I I were in harm's way. experiences at summer camps and Holly GrafSkipper, Ship 258, sold crabs per dozen real reason- | ] ] | I I | ] ] | That is why Ambassador Stevens on field trips, and they will alsoKingGeorge able. I I I I ] I I I I I '" and his three workers were killed, help pay for the maintenance of the , The candidate Matt Rowe from• t t • t t • t t. • ,,~ When itcometoISIS, when Presi- sailboats the Scouts use for train- DEMOCRATS GRAB FEAST Bowling Green, who is thecontend- I I In Io l"7 I I I I I dent Obama took office he pulled ing. Over the years, the Elks Lodge WAS A DELICIOUS EVENT, WITH er for the 1st District U..S House po- I I Io I I/ I I I I I ’ " all of our troops out of Iraq, that left has invested in many programs that SOME POLITICS sition, visited at each table and gave • t i • t t • z t • ~"" the door open for ISIS to get big and provide resources for our youth. We The second annual "Expanded"a short talk and answered questions. I ~ I I I I~ I I I A I I ii' grow. appreciate their long standing efforts Crab Feast sponsored by the KG The feast was more a social than a I I I I Iv I I I I 1 !~.! We cannot have Hillary Clinton in our community. The Sea Scout Democratic Committee was enjoyed moneymaker. I I I I I I ,, I - t _ t z in the white House. She would take program is part of the Boy Scouts of by approximately 65 people on July Everyone had their fill of great l ] I ! I I I I I I i away the Second Amendment. America and includes girls and boys 30. It was held in the Masonic Lodge food choices. II| | 1 I | 1 | | 1 Alton T. Taylor Jr., King George from age of 14 to 21 who are inter- on U.S. 301. Howard Yarus, King George Level: Intermediate . t..s KING GEORGE COUNTY Aug. 1 Kristen Elizabeth Griffin-Cox, 26, tion of probation. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~l~ll~ ~1~ h , SHERIFF'$ ARRESTS Raymond Michael Zeigler, 35, incarcerated at Northern Neck Re- Dimtri Alexander Lee, 23,ofMon- of King George was charged with gional Jail, was charged with child tross was charged with assault and ............ luly 28 failure ,to possess driver's license or neglect and possession of a con- brandishing a firearm. Eric Lawrence Stott, 51, of Freder- learner s temporary permit and driv- trolled substance. ....... [ I icksburg was charged with failure to ing under the influence. Carnell Newman, 54, incarcerated July 31 [ 1 2 3 4 s s 7 a 9 lo 11 12 la [ ,,.,, appear. William Robert Rankin, 54, of at Northern Neck Regional ]aft, was Aaron Cornelius Hudnall, 22, of [ 14 15 is " [ Maria Denise Lee, 36, of Rich- King George was charged with driv- charged with two counts of sexually Colonial Beach was charged with [ ...... [ mond was charged with failure to ing under the influence, abusing achildandfelonyindecent violation of protective order. I["l [ l' l I I I I'll I I I I I appear. " liberties. I 20 al 2a [ ~.~ Jonathan Antonio Johnson, Sr., 29, Aug. 2 Aug. 1 [ ] of Fredericksburg was charged with Damien Daniel Henry, 36, of Mon- July 24 Samuel Steele Stallard, 44, Castle-I1=1 I I I l 4rl I I ] I I ~)-~ revocation of suspended sentence tross was charged with revocation of Lewis Wellford Thompson, Jr., 23, ton was charged with assault and I aa ag ao [ and probation, suspended sentence and probation, of Hague was charged with larceny, battery. [ .............. I Tyler Michael Fidler, 21, of King second offense. 17 71 I I l Wl 7 7 C l 'l I luly 29 George was charged with revocation Jesus Range. Garcia, 29, of Colo- Aug. 3 I 38 39 40 41 I THeresa Fontella Washington, 49, of suspended sentence and proba- nial Beach was charged with assault Roger Henry Wright, 30, of New I [ I of Colonial Beach was charged with Lion, failure to appear on misde- on a family member. York, N.Y., was charged with public [ ....... [ ~ obtaining money by false pretenses, meanor charge and violation of court intoxication. I 146 [ [47 [48 ~ 49 [ 1 50 I I 1 [ ~": altered-forged vehicle registration or order. July 26 [ "51 ~ s3 54 ~ 56 57 title and making false affidavit to ob- Kalyan Clark, 28, of ColonialAug. 4 tam DMVdocuments. Aug. 4 Beach was charged with failure to Thomas William Trigger, 61, of I lSS I I I I ms9 I l Jerry Tyree Wright, 32, of Hague appear. Coles Point was charged with public I so s2 ea 64 July 30 was charged with failure to appear Jason Phillip Delizio, 30, of Mon- intoxication. I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I Vincent Daniel Cells, 24, of King on misdemeanor charge, tross was charged with assault on a [ 65 65 67 George was charged with refusal of Rachael Clare Newlin, 19, offamily member, felony strangulation Aug. 5 [ 6a 69 70 [ tests or procedures, driving under Nokesville was charged with driving and abduction by force. Jerry Glen Sims, 58, of Hague was I [ the influence and obstructing justice, without a license, sale or distribu- charged with trespassing. | CLUES ACROSS I :~' tion of marijuana and two counts of July 27 Robert William Johnson, 21, of | ~- ~- - -[~ ..... I • - - . . ~ t. tJreenwicn time 41 Coffee alternative I luly31 contributing to the delinquency of a Leon Reginald Parker, 28, of Mon- Montross was charged witla assault, I ........... "-. • I i~ ~= . ....... ,~. ~ngnsn sauor mzssmnary 42. Alummum Denms Frauds Cronm III, 35, of minor, tross was charged w th wolatmn of damagmg property and assault on a [ ............... I ~.~ ...... I v. lype oxwneat 4~. Normem Italian language King George was charged with orand probation law emorcement omcer ............... o " " I 1,~. wrens 44. ~mart : wiseacre ,r larceny and possession of acon- WESTMORELAND COUNTY I 15 Hesitate .... 7 .... i ,~o ~ansknt m~ers tP[ ) I ~:o. trolled substance. SHERIFF'S ARRESTS ]uly 28 Richard Leggitt [ 16 Hollyhocks 49" hoe " I ~'~' Dustin Anthony Alvord, 33, of Monica Oceanna Dowell, 37, of I 171 Not even 501 Mousse I ~:. Ruther Glen was charged with con- July 23 Kinsale was charged with felony [ -- I 18. Former talk show host51 Closures I cealment or altering price of meT- Sonia Beatriz Lopez, 26, of Cold- strangulation, causing injury to an- | ~,= -- 1-- 1~ I 20. Rugged mountain range 55. Russian lake chandise, nial Beach was charged with assault, other and assault and battery. ] ~t=et results. I 22. Greek muse 58. Small lunar crater ] '~'~' Michael Thomas Outlaw, 19, of Charles Brandon Wooten-Sneed, [ I 23. Ancient Greek comedy59. Appear with I Montross was charged with petit lar- 24, incarcerated at Northern Neck July 29 [ A | 24. Jeopardizes 60. Beginning ] 28 SmgerDiFranco 64 T eofChineselan e ! ceny and obtaining money by false Regional Jail, was charged with felo- Darnell Anthony Davis, 35, of / .=o ] . " . ' . yp " guag I 29 Calcmm 65 Jewish composer " pretenses, ny drug possession. King George was charged with viola- [ | • • " / It I~11~"~~. | 30. Employee stock 66. Sensation of flavor I ~': / [ lr ~ ~~ I ownership plan 67. Payment (abbr.) I ~i~ --, • -- / Al~g ~,,~, [ 31. Gemstones 68. High-class : ...... t ml tIl lll ~ ~, 33. Got the job 69 Clocked Ur ng i:n [ 3378. TTgl~ 70. ? ..... : il 39" Not a ro M~waybeeast~t een east !: !! ;:. C DOWN / / 1. Shine 31. Retailer [ ~;. [ [ 2. They spread the news 32. Supreme being [ The 1 ~ "11 "11 .,~,e..e~ ~-~ 1 10250 Kings Highway, Post Office Box 409, King George, VA 22485 / Advertise your / " " " " • " " I 4 Determines value 35 European Union .I U U JL • •~LJL Phone: (540) 775-2024. Fax: (540) 775-4099 [ _ ] - .......... • .. . I '=~ • • = 3 t..apltal murunawa 30 Uoercea .. nl ard sale nn O [ / • • I [ ] 6. Chinese fiver 40. She ran.the Barker gang [ 7 S~gn language 41 Send wzre EDITOR AND PUBLISHER SALES REPRESENTATIVES | ~ m | " " [ JoeI Davis , Narcone Ruczynski I I • . • " " I t n e 8 Passover feast and ceremony 45 Optical device 9 Yemen capztal 47 Bond, cwfl rights leader Charlene Franks* I J o u r n a I I = I • 10 A mbutary of the Missouri River 48 Cigar ;~;. SUBSCRIPTIONS Legal/Classified Display [ [ • • [ 11 Sounds 52 Spmtual bern Bonnie Gouvi$is • [ I " • " " " g I -. ...... ~-~ ..... ~-..- / ~,~,,,~1111 ~.~,~w~-'~ / 12 Andorra-LaSeud'UrgellAirport53 Possess ~ , 13 Korean name 54 Thomas , En hsh oct REPORTERS LoriOeem / ., / • • -- g" P I , at 19 Ametal beanng mmeral 56 Dtals Phyllis Cook GRAPHIC ARr r [ ] " - " " . " " l • , valuable enough to be tamed 57 Sharp mountam nd e ,,.~"i RichardLeggitt Leonard Banks [ 540-775- I 21 ' " " g I Outer layer 59 P~geon shelter :, SPoRTs EDrroR PeODUCnON/MIS | ] " . • " I ' [ ] 25. From Haiti 61. Letter of the Greek alphabet / ~i Leonard Banks* Drue Murray, | ~'U~B, ] 24.African nation (FT.) 60. Month I Subscription rate is $24 per year (52 issues), or 50’ on newsstands. Outside the counties of King George and Westmoreland, the | | 26. Polish fiver 62. A citizen of Thailand [ ;?~;,i rate is $38 per year. THE JOURNAL (ISSN #87502275) is published weekly by The JournalPress, Inc. ] / 27. Paul Henri, Belgian statesman 63. Suffix / Postmaster, send 3579 to: The Journal, Post Office Box 409, King George, Virginia 22485 [ Answers on Classifieds Page