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April 20, 2016     The Westmoreland Journal
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April 20, 2016

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2 Wednesday, April 20, 2016 THE JOURNAL www.journalpress, corn Gov. McAuliffe recently vetoed tion (now required when voting) the first place, running in, various elections for the yet another series of voter Suppres- with an absentee These measures, thanks to the past forty years, I have yet to see or sion initiatives passed bythe General o application. This one is hard to Governor, failed, but it is part of a even hear about a single instance of Assembly. Some are a little whacky, figure out, since most absentee bal- long line of efforts during the past voter fraud. It's possible there are some are a little mean, and some are lots come few years, in Virginia and other some. Some people who have lost just misguided, from nursing homes, colleges, or states, to make it harder to vote. their franchise because of a felony Take for example one change to from military personnel. It all but There is a mythology about voting conviction have tried to vote. That's the electoral code which would in- requires an fraud in Virginia that has taken hold illegal and thanks to diligent voter validate an applicant's registration in person visit which in many cas- in the General Assembly's Republi- registrars, who check their lists, application if the applicant didn't in- es may be impossible. How do you can majority. It has little if anything these people have been identified dicate, by checking a little box, that present a photo to do with reality, that's why it's a and prosecuted. they were over 18. That would be ID if you're in Afghanistan?myth, but the majority party in Rich- Another voter suppression is the fine, if the applicant didn't already For the record, the current absen- mond has bought into it for years limitation on the ways that prospec- have to give their birthday. Check- tee voting process requires a witness They're convinced that there is tive voters can prove their identity. ing this little box, is unnecessary, but and a rigorously structured applica- rampant voter fraud at the polls. Again, there has never been a prob- since it would be easy to miss, par- tion. Registrars in our region do a This feeling has gotten progressively lem with this sort of thing, but the ticularly for some of us who need good job at administering the pro- stronger ever since the GOP started legislature decided that to vote an of- reading glasses, it's another way to gram and have had .no problems losing statewide elections, ficial picture ID had to be presented. easily invalidate a registration voter with the process. If the picture ID Many are convinced that "Demo- Unfortunately, nearly 300,000 Vir- application. Cute trick, requirement had been adopted, and crat vote stealing" and that's the term ginians don't have any suitable ID or Another proposal, which thank- who knows, the assembly may yet rve heard, may be partially at fault, proof of residence. fully found its way to the governor's override the veto, voter participation Perhaps they participate in dif- Not everyone has a driver's license, trash can would will drop. But, sadly, that seemed to ferent elections than I do. But, in a passport or works for a govern- have required a photo identifica- be the purpose of the legislation in watching, participating in, and even ment agency that issues official pic- Letter to the editor SUPERVISOR GIVES UPDATE Some may consider it to be con- A version of this letter was pub- troversial, but I stepped aside in or- fished as Mr. Jenkins' constituent der to allow for Chris Werle to serve newsletter, on the Service Authority Board. I Greetings everyone, believe his experience and education It is amazing just how quickly time have already been an asset to the can go by. I have been officially in of- board and he will continue to be one. rice for two months. I have enjoyed As Ruby stated during that meeting, representing the Dahlgren District we made a promise to further in- and look forward to doing so for the volve citizen participation and this foreseeable future, was a small step in that direction. These past three months have cer- As most of you know it is budget tainly been busy. During the first season. We have had several bud- meeting I was appointed Vice Chair- get work sessions and have met with man. I made the motion to start many county departments in order our Board of Supervisors meetings to hear their needs and assess how at a later time in hopes to better aI- we can assist them. low citizen attendance. It certainly As a board we voiced our support makes it easier for me after commut- for Sheriff Dempsey's budget request ing from D.C.! for four additional police officers and two communications officers, ment was passed by State Senate Both positions will go a long way to- which would negate our resolution wards keeping our community safe despite our unanimous vote and which is a primary concern of mine. Sheriff Dempsey's support. The I also supporte.d extending water amendment did not mention the au- into the Rt. 3/301 corridor which thor and no one is claiming it. We will economic growth. It as a board have voiced our concerns passed by majority vote. Smart eco- to our state representatives and I am nomic growth is vital to the success hoping we can resolve this issue. of our county. I have and will continue to remain Recently, the Board of Supervisors heavily involved with social media unanimously supported a resolution and I strive to be responsive to citi- that would place the Dahlgren Heri- zen inquiries. tage Rail Trail (DHRT) under the Overall I am proud of our new State Park system, specifically Cale- board and I am excited to assist in don. I view the to improve and make addressing the needs of our corn- it easier for Sheriff's Department to munity. enforce laws thereby increasing the safety of our citizens. John Jenkins, Dahlgren District Unfortunately, a budget amend- Supervisor PHYLLIS COOK creases earlier in the evening during a Service Authority budget meeting. King George County Human Re- "In Chris's presentation, he said they sources Manager Amanda Sumiel re- were proposing 4 percent in January. ported to the Board of Supervisors on' So h-ewould be doing something dif- a recommendation for employee raises ferent than the county would be doing;' for next fiscal year, which begins on Quesenberry said. July 1. The board discussed that option, Sumiel established a committee ear- with Brabo asking Thomas if he would lier this year to discuss various options be amenable to also granting 2 percent to implement pay raises. Commit- increases in ]anuaryand merit bonuses tee members included Sumiel, Sheriff in December, with Thomas saying he Steve Dempsey, Fire/Rescue Chief Da- would consider it. "But a 4 percent vid Moody, Finance Director Robyn merit raise in January would carry for- Shugart, Accounting Manager Barbara ward from year to year. And I know Howard-Johnson and Service Author- that's an issue, but to be honest, a lot ity General Manager Chris Thomas. of our employees - the majority of our Sumiel said Thomas was unable to employees- compared locally to other meet with the group, but did share his employees with the same title - they input, are underpaid;' Thomas said. The committee discussed three op- According to Stafford County's tions: 2 percent pay increases across website, salaries for water and waste- the board for all employees effective water operators range from $34,382 to July 1; 4 percent midyear increases $58,614. based on annual pay-for-performance Spots ylvania County Human Re- evaluations effective ]an. 1; and, a hy- sources Gene ' Lesley Moore said brid approach which would grant 2 salaries for water and wastewater op- percent cost-of-living increases for erators range from $34,381 to $66,862. all employees on Jan. 1, with pay-for- According to Sumiel, salaries for wa- performance bonuses to be paid in ter and wastewater operators in King December. George range from $22,371 to $56,317. "Our recommendation is for the 2 "I felt this was an opportunity for percent in January and a bonus which the employee to get a 4 percent raise. employees would get before Christmas. And next year, ifwe get again, it will get That's what happened last year and it them closer to their local counterparts;' went over well ' Sumiel said. Thomas said. ' "Bonuses would be tied to Novem- Brabo clarified raises would not be ber performance evaluations and we guaranteed for everybody, but based want to try to structure it to give the on performance evaluations. Thomas maximum" agreed. "In the past, the Service Au- Chairwoman Ruby Brabo said she thority has always done what the preferred the hybrid option, and other county has as far as pay increases. I just members agreed, wanted to let it be known that without "They're still getting a pay increase substantial pay increases, a lot of our and we are tying the bonus to moti- guys are falling further and further be- vation, which I think is what we were hind. And we've seen there's incentive looking for;' Brabo said. for people to move just a little bit up County Administrator Travis Que- the road to Spotsylvania and Stafford;' senberry reminded board members of Thomas said. Chris Thomas's presentation on pay in- "I never understood why some think the Service Authority, the schools and tivate their employees, as long as it fits the county all have to be the same" within the budget constraints7 Brabo said. "I believe it is up to each A final decision on Service Author- one of those to determine for them- ity compensation changes for 2016-17 selves what's in the best interests of is expected prior to adoption ofits bud- their employees, what is going to mo- get. I We welcome Rebekah King, Family Nurse Practitioner Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Fri. 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Rebekah King, FNP New Patient Openings Accepting Most Insurances Self-Pay available (804) 700 McKinney Blvd #1100, Colonial Beach Want your voice heard? 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Postmaster, send 3579 to: The Journal, Post Office Box 409, King George, Virginia 22485 ture identification, tax, had made it a point of policy to Earlier legislation allowed utility find as many ways as possible to keep bills and other common sense docu- voter participation rates low. And it ments to be used to show proof of worked, but times changed. Virginia residence. But this provision was got a new Constitution, Registrars repealed. While the registrars can got out into the community to reg- issue special IDs for voting, that re- ister voters, and with Motor Voter quires atrip to the county building, Legislation the number of registered and for many who don't have driver's voters went up dramatically. licenses that's an insurmountable Unfortunately, we seem to have problem, entered an era of retrenchment. One All of this may sound arcane, but where measures, dreamed up on there is more to the story than that. the dubious of justifications, have We have our history to overcome. In only one purpose and that's to keep 1965 Virginia was 49th in the nation people from voting. After so much when it came to voter participation, progress, after working so hard for Mississippi was 50th. the cause of popular participation in Virginia, ever since the infamous the political process and represen- 1901 Constitution, which disenfran- tative government that's a shameful chised blacks and applied the poll thing to do. 56 8 9 2 21 7 6 8 3 3 9 1 3 1 45 4 2 7 7 9 CLUES ACROSS 1. Crooned 5. Luck 8. Cosecant function 11. Rock bands play here 13. Surrounds the earth 14. Jessica 15. A type of clique 16. No seats available 17. Greek sophist 18. Stiffhair 20. Recipe measurement (abbr.) 21. Legal periodical 22. Saloons 25. He tricks you 30. Closing over 31. Man's best friend is one 32. Distinguish oneself 33. Immoralities 38. Marsh elder 41. Blasts 43. A discerning judge 45. Avenge for a wrong 48. Doctors' group 49. Jerry's friend 50. Type of sword 55. Swedish rock group 56. Black tropical American cuckoo 57. Blatted 59. Cain and __ 60. Strong liquor flavored with juniper berries 61. Cocoa bean 62. Get free of 63. Cardiograph 64. A cargo (abbr.) 23 m____ 5 6 7 Answers on Level: Intermediate nmm 13 --Mm 16 __m m 20 40 41 42 m__ 44 m 50 CLUES DOWN 1. A baglike structure in a plant or animal 2. Bird genus 3. One point east of northeast 4. A type of fly 5. Hurry 6. Lighter-than-air craft 7. Ask to marry 8. Thick rope made of wire 9. Imposters 10. Central nervous system 12. Pie mode 14. Robert __, poet 19. Dwelt 23. Firewood 24. Voices 25. Water in the solid state 26. Superman's foe 27. Chris Paul's team (abbr.) 28. Employ 29. Mineral 34. Vessel 35. Nigerian City 36. Romania 37. Sirius Satellite Radio (abbr.) 39. Potential difference 40. A class of synthetic detergents 41. Drunkard 42. Doesn't win or lose 44. Appellative 45. Spiritual leader 46. Implant 47. Language (Afrikaans) 51. Basics 52. A one-time Giants center 53. Every one of two or more 54. 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