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April 6, 2016     The Westmoreland Journal
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April 6, 2016

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2 Wednesday, April 6, 2016 THE JOURNAL 9 The U.S. Navy base in Dahlgren the community, tion among offices and consolidating a ing bellicose avtions, nonstate terror, budget blowing up;' Wittman said. spurred communication from the supports national security all over the "I first came to Dahlgren when I number of other facilities, the Middle East .." There is a lot hap- He said an alternative source of commander of the vessel: "Polaris from globe, and it supports the local econo- was Lieutenant Governor;' Kaine said But, Kaine said, the ability of the pening in the world that wasn't hap- funding, the National Sea-Based De- the deep to target. Perfect" myaswell, in his remarks before the gold-painted SLBM program to provide security for pening in 2011, and we need to be able terrence Fund, was defeated in Con- Succes like that, Durant said, is the On a beautiful day at the base last shovels were deployed at the ceremony, the country - the program improves to respond" gress last year, but that legislation legacy of the Dahlgren base, and the month, dignitaries from the Navy and "There was a [Base Realignment and technology for sea-launched inter- Kaine said,"Let's have abudgetbased be filed this year to fully fund the sub- mantle its personnel inherit from past Congress joined hundreds of workers Closure Commission) round, and I continental ballistic Trident II missiles on our priorities, instead of trimming marine replacement program, generations. in the Fleet Ballistic Missile program came here to learn about the facilities - is currently hampered by budget our priorities to match our budget." U.S. Navy Capt. Brian R. Durant, Vice Adm. Terry J. Benedict, corn- to break ground on a new $22 million and programs so I could be an advo- Concerns tied to the "sequester" bud- U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va., 1st) the commanding officer of the Na- mander o the Navy's strategic Systems facility that will house offices and labo- care for them. Nine thousand people get caps imposed by the Republican noted that the entire shipbuilding bud- val Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Programs, said the new facility has ratories for the Submarine Launched pass through these gates everyday. It's Congress in 2011. Kaine said the Ohio- get for the navy is $16 billion, while Division, Noted that the history of been a long time coming. Ballistic Missile program for the Navy. huge part of the regional economy" Class Replacement program is being each replacement submarine for the the Dahlgren base shows its ability to "Benedict noted that the SLBM pro- U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) told Kaine touted the benefits of the stalled by the sequester limits, which aging Ohio Class ships now in service adapt to new circumstances and new gram recently celebrate 60 years in op- the crowd that, besides serving the new Missile Support Facility building also are not responsive to a changing will cost $6 billion, technologies to improve Navy weapons eration. country's warfighters with up-to-date to the Navy, with 300 SLBM program global climate. "You can understand that the sound systems. "Our program of record takes us to technology for weapons and support researchers and administrators housed "Snce 2011, we've had North Korea that you hear will not be a target blow- He said the first test of a Polaris mis- 2084;' Benedict said. "We have 68 years systems, the base is an integral part of in the new facility, improving coopera- making bellicose actions, Russia mak- ing up, but will be the sound of that sile from a submarine in the 1960s still to go" ,q Dear Colonial Beach Lions Club and broken windows. A few days lat- tral site for volunteers to come sign that he thought he was good looking Supporters, er we were told of some local private up to help? 6. How come no one drew an immense amount of laugh- Colonial Beach Lions Club Dis- businesses and churches that had came from the county to check on ter from the tornado victims- which trict 24-A, Region V, Zone 2 made started taking up donations for the the tornado victims until Saturday we needed. Fisher couldn't remind the difficult decision to turn in our victims, but again, - that was days afternoon? 7. Why doesn't Westmo- us enough times that he's a "Baptist Charter as of December 31, 2015. after the incident and again - not reland County have an "Emergency Preacher". Well if you act like it, you Our membership has continued to one person came to let us know or Management" facebook page like Es- won't have to feellike you need to tell decrease over the last ten years to the broadcast on the radio to let us know sex County does to help inform the people. There's an old saying "just point that we are no longer able to there were private donation sites, public? because you sit in a garage, it doesn't continue our efforts to help the com- After I left my mother's home on I feel that Westmoreland County make you a car". Someone asked him munity we have served for over sixty Saturday afternoon, Jeff Beasley let the ball drop on this emergency if he opened his church to tornado years. We wish to express our sincere and a FEMA representative came to and it greatly concerns me how ob- victims. He had no response. I asked appreciation to all of you for your check on the damage - almost three viously unprepared Westmoreland Fisher and Norm Rasavi (Westmo- many generous contributions over days after the tornado. I was told that County is. I would say that West- reland county administrator and the years. Because of your support the county was supposed to do a full moreland County should meet with board member) if they would do- we were able to provide eye exams, evaluation of the damage to send to Essex County and see how their nate just one year of their Board glasses, hearing aids, cataract sur- the state and federal agencies for af- emergency plan is set up and then of Supervisors salary to tornado gery, and behind the scenes support fected residents to possibly qualify the "powers that be" in the county victims. Neither Darrel Fisher nor to families in need. Many thanks for for assistance. If this visit was con- need to get on the ball to be more Norm Rasavi made a sound. Darryl all you have done for the Colonial sidered a full evaluation - they were prepared, kept saying that they were sorry the Beach Lions Club and for our com- days late because by the time they Sincerely, residents didn't feel like the county munity, visited, my family pulled together Wanda L. Fortes had done enough and that the board Sincerely, to get a tree removal service in there Westmoreland Count), had learned some lessons. Oh boy, Mitzi Hall Saffos and worked days deaning up her I'm sure that made people feel bet- President land and putting tarps on her roof. Open Letter to Westmoreland ter. Both Darryl's and Norms words If family had not been around to help Board and residents: clearly carry value to the residents Dear Westmoreland County my mother, she obviously wouldnot The effects of the 2-24-16 tor- here. 'Nctions speak louder than Board of Supervisors, have received any assistance from nado will be newsworthy for a long words". Darryl and Norms "lack of I am writing this letter in regards the county, time. It is certainly affecting West- appropriate action" scream loudly. to the tornado on Wednesday night, I called Social Services on Monday moreland county residents in many Darryl Fisher and Norm Rasavi February24, 2016 that struck the Mt. morning and asked if there was any ways - physically, emotionally, fi- are paid by our taxes. And Darryl Holly area where my widowed, 77- type of help for the tornado victims nancially, spiritually, etc. People are feels like he actually did something year old mother lives and did exten- and I was told "No, there was noth- still injured. People still can't live in by driving around passing out busi- sive damage to her home, her yard ing available from the county". They their homes due to tornado dam- ness cards? He even said he couldn't and all her outside buildings. It also did tell me they would take my name age. People's basic needs are not be- get to a house because his car could did extensive damage to her neigh- and number because there were ing met. People are going into debt not get passed the downed trees. It bor's dwellings and the-surrounding some private residents that wanted due to the tornado, even people who made me wonder if he could have area. My family went down to the to help and make donations and they had excellent insurance. The stress- climbed over those trees to get to area on Wednesday night after the would get my name to them. To this ful coordinating between repairs his own house or his business (or tornado to get my mother out of her day, I have never received a phone and insurance and debris removal would he have just drove awa z..hav- house and out of danger. We had to call back. and tree removal and choosing le- ing given it his best effort). Norm crawl over electrical lines with flash- If the county government doesn't gitimate workers is overwhelming Rasavi told me and my husband lights to get to her. There were many think this tornado was an "emer- for people to deal with. All this on that the night of the tornado he was people that were forced out of their gency", then you are sadly mistaken, top of the fact that TORNADO"at home making important phone homes on the night of the tornado You should have come to Mt. Holly HIT OUR PROPERTY". Some of calls". Hey Norm, who did you call? (in the Mt. Holly area and the area and seen the devastation that hit that us were inside our homes when the I don't think you were calling to get by Galilee Baptist Church) and an area; you should have ridden down tornado hit our homes. It's almost someone to check on us or the trailer emergency shelter was not even set Route 3 near Galilee Baptist Church unfathomable, rm hearing about next door that had a tree dividing it up. and looked at the damage on both people scamming insurance com- in half. But, I'm sure glad you were We came back to her house early sides of the road. You should have panies right now claiming tornado home safe and warm and dry - not Thursday morning and worked con- been at the hospital that night to see damage when they didn't have any. like some Westmoreland county res- tinuously all day Thursday, Friday Westmoreland County residents in Also there are scammers trying to idents who were outside in the dark and halfa day Saturday. At this time, the emergency room. Maybe you get the items and money being col- in the pouring down rain trying to there were electrical lines hanging in should have seen the trailer, which lected by county residents for tor- survive. And mistakenly believing the area and of course, no electricity was a home to three people, behind nado victims? It's unreal to me that you were doing your paid job : call- or water. During this time, not one Galilee Baptist Church, that was re- there are people like that - predators ing the Red Cross for example? In- person from the county (a County duced to a pile of rubble when the and vultures taking advantage of one stead, Delegate Margaret Randsone Board Supervisor, Sheriff or Deputy, tornado hit it. Maybe you should of the most difficult times in people's told me herself that "Norm Rasavi Emergency personnel) came by to have seen the trailer on Route 3 lives. They have no soul, no heart, no turned down help for Westmore- check on anyone, or to offer bottled that was sliced in two by a massive compassion, and no empathy for suf- land County saying we had no in- water or food Or to assist in any way. tree. My hope would have been that fering human beings. And yet, they juries and no damage" I guess he If you don't remember, the days fol- the government of Westmoreland are probably sleeping better than all just meant at HIS house and Darters lowing the tornado were cold and County would have come together the tornado victims. Yes, neighbors house. What is Norm trying to hide very.windy so we had to take breaks and jumped into action to put mea- are helping neighbors. And tornado by refusing our county help when and sit in our heated cars to warm sures in place to help the victims victims are helping each other. Some we were obviously hit by a tornado? up. Every time I got in the car, I --- THEIR CITIZENS? The county churches are helping... But all the Please answer us Norm. I know Dar- turned on the local radio station should have also visited the affected counties around here are still ask- ryl and the county attorney would hoping to hear of some updates from areas to check in on the residents - ing me "Why didn't Westmoreland not let you talk at the board meeting, Westmoreland County on shelters or all county officials? County get help?" And "where is the but you are an American, you have assistance but there was not a word. My questions to the supervisors/ help for Westmoreland County?" the right to free speech. I'm sure any Essex County had updates every county are: 1. Why was this disas- At the March 14th Westmoreland newspaper around here would gladly time I turned on the radio - they had ter treated like it was "no big deal"? County Board of Supervisors meet- print your answers. shelters set up, places to shower and 2. How come an emergency shelter ing, the tornado victims and family I will pay for an ad for your an- had a donation center set up and a was not set up for the people that members were not taken seriously, swers if you need that kind of help. volunteer station set up by the next were forced out of their homes that The chairman Darryl Fisher made Is there some reason we don't know day - but not a word from Westmo- night? 3. How come the county did jokes to try to distract from the real about that would clear it up? Just tell reland County the entire time. We not immediately set up a donation topic (such as saying he wasn't as us. worked at my mother's house, get- site and advertise it and get the word good looking now as he was in high We deserve an answer. This is ting trees cut up and getting trees off out to the county citizens? 4. How school...). Not only is that a sample America. of her outside buildings, putting tarp come bottled water and non-per- of his inappropriate and immature Stand up and tell the truth like I on her roof where her shingles had ishable food was not distributed to responses to a serious topic, it re- did. blown off and trying to clean up all the victims of the tornado? 5. How ally shows his "character" or "lack of Kathy Jones (Mrs. C. T. Jones) the debris and glass from her home come the county did not offer a cen- character". But at least his comment Westmoreland Countv resident Want your voice heard? 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Recipe measurement (abbr.) 7. Tooth caregiver 10. Hawaiian dish 11. Retirement account 12. Basketball player Ming 13. Say suddenly 15. Carbon isotope ration (abbr.) 16. Frasier Crane's brother 19. Framework over oil well 21. Edible mollusk 23. Handy 24. Japanese banjo 25. Microwave 26. Double-reed instrument 27. Covered 30. Leaseholders 34. Master of business 35. Herb 36. Blood clot 41. Route 45. Reach a higher position 46. American state 471 Erases 50. Expunge 53. Waits around idly 54. Came into 56, Nikolai __, Bolshevik theorist 57. 007's creator 59. Dravidian language 60. Central nervous system 61. Male child 62. Born of 63. A period of history 64. A major division of geological time 65. Doctor of Education CLUES DOWN 1. Prods 2. Tempest 3. Miserable 4. Excited 5. Temindung Airport 6. Provides shade from the sun 7. Generators 8. Newspapers 9. Unaccompanied flights 13. Bahrain dinar 14. Romanian currency 17. Between northeast and east 18. London Southend Airport 20. Cucumber 22. 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