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March 2, 2016     The Westmoreland Journal
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March 2, 2016

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2 Wednesday, March 2,. 2016 THE JOURNAL Thanks to all who gave I felt it important to extend a heartfelt thank you to the commu- nity on behalf of Ralph Peregory for everyone's generosity in honor- ing his last wishes by contributing to the King George Food Pantry at Department of Social Services. Typi- cally, our shelves are bare this time of year and the DSS struggles to help those in need. Due to the over- whelming generosity in memory of Ralph Peregory, we have been ex- cited to see a continuous outpour- ing of food and monetary donations. This means so much in many ways from the assistance it provides to the citizens in need to continuing the spirit of giving back that Ralph emulated throughout his entire life. I know Ralph would be touched that so many have given and continue to give in his memory. And remember, "Life is good." Ruby Braho At-Large District Chair Board of Supervisors King George Fire Staffing is needed On March 8. 2016, the King George County Board of Supervi- sors will agree on a budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. At the budget work session on Tuesday February 9th the county Fire and Rescue Chief requested that the BOS approve six new positions for 2016. Chief Moody presented a five-year plan so that the county could be aware of the needs projected and plan accordingly. This would avoid asking last minute for additional personnel every year. If the BOS approve to add these six vi- _ talpositions, there would be a staffed Engine at Company 2. Last year the Engine for Company 2 (Dahlgren) failed to respond on 60% of calls. That was 159 calls that the engine failed to respond on due to not having enough essential staff. King George Professional Firefighters and Paramedics believes that failure is not an option. If you live in the coun- ty and think that you deserve more than just one Fire Engine staffed 24/7, we beg you to contact the Board of Supervisors of King George County and express your concern quickly. With Chief Moody's plan he will be requesting six personnel for the 2017-2018 fiscal year to staff Engine Company 3 (Fairview Beach) the Engine for company 3. Engine 31, failed to respond on 97% of calls that the unit was dispatched for. 138 calls were not answered by Engine 31. Inadequate staffing cause's undue stress on these Engine Companies and the community is serves and protects. When the county is inad- equately staffed Company 1 (En- gine 11) faces an overload of calls. Engine 11 is forced to respond to all corners of the county leaving many square miles uncovered by any En- gine Company. This also adds to increased response times which can be critical in life safety and property conservation. For example: a dis- patched assignment for a structure fire (Commercial Fire or Residential Fire) inclUdes 3 Engines, 3 Tankers, 1 Rescue Squad, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Medic unit, manpower for the appa- ratus, and 1 Chief. King George only has 1 Engine, 1 Chief, and 3 Medic units staffed at a given time. In order to get the other 2 Engines, 3 Tank- ers, 1 Rescue Squad, and a Ladder Truck, we must call for mutual aid from other jurisdictions. Not hav- ing these units staffed in the county leads to increase response times and can cause higher probability for a fatality fire and increase to property damage. Also adding these six posi- tions would help us in reaching the National Institute of Standards and Technologies' recommendation, which is to have 18 personnel on the scene of a small house fire within a few minutes. Currently King George has only 12 personnel on shift per day. If Chief Moody's request is ap- proved this number will climb to 14 personnel on shift per day. To strive for a better Fire/Rescue system for the citizens and visitors of King George please contact the Board of Supervisors and express your concern and desire for a safer King George. Local 4438 thanks you for your efforts. Ryan M. Passera President King George Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Dahlgren Trail is sweet deal for somebody lust read the article concerning the Dahlgren Trail. It appeared that the King George County Supervisors had already made up their minds concerning the resolution to approve the trail for the state to acquire. The supervisors apparently never viewed the properties adjacent to the trail or what impact the trail would have on that doesn't connect with the Navy them. When I looked at the people base going to benefit the Navy? who are supporting trail, most don't Who would want to buy or develop even live in King George. The only this land? That is why it couldn't be time the trail gets any use is when sold to anyone when it went on the the Trail people sponsor a race. The market in 1990. Can the supervisors area newspapers are always there be so gullible to believe this story? taking pictures making it look like Supervisor Brooks said this project the trail is always heavily used. This would not cost the taxpayers of King is far from the truth. Go any day and George any money. I guess the state check out the trail and you will find will separate King George taxpayer very little use. lust another waste of money from others in the state when taxpayer money! it comes time to pay for this project. The supervisors didn't seem sus- Virginia is currently trying to fund picious about the owner wanting to other parks in the state and is find- sell the trail to the state but retain- ing it difficult to fund these projects. ing the utility and mineral rights. Caledon Park sure could use this Who on the board would buy prop- $500,000 to improve it. Caledon has erty without these rights? I also find many hiking trails that are barely it interesting that the owner was a used. I guess the supervisors hadn't former director of the Virginia De- checked it out for a while. partment of Conservation and Rec- If the owners of the trail property reation. He now wants this depart- rights were genuine in their concern ment to buy his property without the for this trail, they would give it to utility and mineral rights. He would the state or at least sell it whole with hold these rights so that he could sell all the rights intact. Something is them off in the future without any "fishy" with this deal. It appears to be problems from the state. Any future another "Tractor Supply" where tax- development along the trail would payers are left holding the bill for an- need these rights to construct power other shady deal. I guess when MIT lines or pipe lines for these projects. Professor Gruber said the American Anyone owning property adjacent people are stupid, he was referring to to the trail would have to deal with the residents of King George who be- the projects. I bet when the current lieve this is a good deal. owner bought the property he want- Ernest lanes ed these rights! Sure sounds like a King George, VA "good old boy" deal. I find it amusing that the Navy is Westmorland Republican now involved in this project.mThey Committee Folding are willing to pay for half the state's Is this true? Yes, I believe it is. cost of the trail. Mr. ]ones claimed The reason is simple. The majority the trail will have some impact on of Westmoreland County Republi- the 2017 BRAC exercise by slowing cans do not physically support the the encroachment and persever- Committee. During the past decade ing undeveloped near the base. The or more, only a handful of dedicat- trail ends on Owens Rd which is not ed Republicans have stepped up to closeto the base. If the Navy wants hold critical leadership positions on to slow the development of land near the Committee, or to assist in plan- the base, it should buy up all the land ning, executing, or attending events that is currently for sale between Rt. sponsored by the Committee. Quite 206 and the Walmart store. This land frankly, these few leaders are tired is across Rt. 301 from the base and of always answering the call, and are when developed will cause huge traf- urging other residents to get involved tic problems for the base. Mr. Veazey and committed. In spite of repeated seems to think buying the trail will request for support, there is little or slacken the heavy traffic on Rt. 301. no response from fellow County Re- He said employees at the base will publicans. Recently, the Montross ride their bike to work using the Tea Party has stepped up to provide trail. Come on! How many people significant assistance and fill the void ride their bike to Work at the base? created by Party no-shows. How would this effect the traffic on I realize that it may be difficult to Rt. 3017 Somebody is sure trying justify to oneself a reason to become to "blow smoke" I think the Navy involved in the County's Republi- should be using their money to help can Committee when our national veterans or improve things on the Republican leadership betrays all base. All we heard is the military is of the Virginia Republican Creed really short on funds to sustain their tenants, ignore the wishes of those objectives. How is buying a piece of who sent them to Washington, and land 60 feet wide and 15 miles long actively work against fellow Conser- Sometimes Ith is Jn :Accepted, Compassionate Family Foot Care Dr. Inez M. Weekes, D.RM. 540-775-7881 The Journal Complex, 10254 Kings Highway, King George 11227 James Madison Pkwy., King George south of the intersection of US 301 and Rt. 205 Do you have family members interred at Historyland Memorial Park? Would you like your final resting place to be near a family member? Or perhaps you would like to purchase a group of lots for your family members. Come see us to learn what burial lots are available. We have some new options available for markers and benches, incluing benches for cremains. Susan Muse can help you complete burial arrangements call her at 540-775-7733. Want your voice heard? Send your Letter to the Editor to The Journa 10250 Kings Highway Post Office Box 409, King George, VA 22485 Phone: (540) 775-2024 Fax: (540) 775-4099 Online: PUBLISHER Jessica Herfink EDITOR Joel Davis * SUBSCRIPTIONS Bonnie Gouvisis * REPORTERS Phyllis COOk * Unda Farneth * Richard ~ , SPORTS EDITOR Leonard Banks * SALES REPRESENTATIVES Dennis Verdak * Narcene Ruczynski Legal~Classified Display * COMMUNITY & CHURCH NEWS Lori Deem * GRAPHIC ARnST Leonard Banks PRODUCTION/MIS Drue Murray * GENERAL MANAGER Robert Berczuk * rate $24 per year (52 issues), or 50 on newsstands. Outside the counties of King George and Westmoreland, the is $38 per year. Trtr IOt3RNAr (ISSN #87502275) is published weekly by The Journal Press, Inc. Postmaster, send 3579 to: qqae Journal, Post Office Box 409, King George, Virginia 22485 vative Republicans. I believe that itis elected, I foresee the Committee's is also true that the Republican Party dissolution. If a Chair is elected and of Virginia actively worked to defeat none or few of the other positions are Conservative Republican candidates filled, I foresee the same outcome. for State and Federal offices. Individuals interested in filling any If you want the County's Republi- of these positions must complete can Committee and Party to survive and submit to lennifer Peters, a pre- and become a political force, then it filing form as soon as possible, but is entirely up to you. At 7:00 pm on no later than 5:00 PM Friday, March Friday, March 11, 2016 at the A.T. llth. For information call or email lohnson Building in Montross the me at (804) 450-6030 or dugan246@ Westmoreland County Republicans, all Republicans invited-not just the EC. Dugan III Committee, will hold its Mass Meet- Hague, VA ing for the purpose of electing a new Chairman and selecting Delegates to POI_ITICOPHOBIA the First Congressional District and State Republican Conventions. Oth- the fear of politics, politicians and er leadership positions which must any activity or event that has to do be filled are Committee Vice Chair, with politics. Secretary, Treasurer, and Five (5) (campaigns, advertisements, Precinct Captains. If no Chairman voting, swearing in ceremonies etc.) 2 856 3 9 8 2 7 3 5 4 71 6 85 9 6 8 CLUES ACROSS 1. Sold at a higher price 8. Instill fear 13. Can be domesticated 14. Oohed and 15. Make too simple 19. Plutonium 20. Necessary for breathing 21. Make happy 22. Mythological bird 23. A baglike structure in a plant or animal 24. Put on 25. Type of dough 26. Blushed 30. Celestial object 31. Point __ National Seashore 32. Purplish red 33. Towards the mouth or oral region 34 Portuguese musical genre 35. Steals 38. Acts insincerely 39. City in Belarus 40. Anticipates 43. Paris airport 44. Deal with 45. No (Scottish) 47. Opens lock 48. Central parts 49. Sheep disease 50. Indicates position 51. Doing many things at once 55. Khoikhoin peoples 57. Informal alliance between countries 58. Long poems 59. The state of being poorly illuminated CLUES DOWN 1. Portico 4657 Answers 1 Level: Intermediate 2. Delicacy 3. Punish with an arbitrary penalty 4. Household god (Roman) 5. Public television station 6. __ Lilly, drug company 7. Degraded 8. Free from danger 9. Low bank or reef of coral 10. Exclamation of surprise 11. Lies down in rest 12. Give an education to 16. Provides 17. Fat from a pig 18. Belonging to a thing 22. Branches of a bone 25. Having a cheerless aspect or disposition 27. Edema (archaic) 28. Bo __, "10" 29. Unfledged or nestling hawk 30. Surrenders 32. Type of dessert 34. Planted with trees 35. Washington town 36. Listen in 37. Inwardly 38. Chinese province 40. Garrison 41. Converts thermal energy to mechanical work 42. Holy people 44. Lowest point between two peaks 46. Boundaries 48. Utter obscenities 51. and cheese 52. Member of the cuckoo family 53. Type of microscope 54. and Barbie 56. Michigan on page 7