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February 24, 2016     The Westmoreland Journal
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February 24, 2016

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} 2 Wednesday, Feb, 24, 20f6 THE dUTn t II DAVID S. KERR by the Supreme Court may be ions Of d mus material into the the paint on my car. Local streams ting these hard fought gains at risk. at sphei-d. ': , 6C6nly the stuff that were impacted and the Chesapeake One of my earliest memoriesofray bm hazardous par- first new car, one with a nice finist ficulate,mafter as, tl. It then tray- was how quickly the shine faded, f(iI fled ver4 htmdred miles to create wasn't garaged and I knew we hada serig spo n in our region. In thing called acid rain. Very few ca/ fact; th6ugh, kig are better, it still in Northern Virginia kept their Shine does. for long. And the same was true . ,,J aJ!kindof eepy. Thepow- : irr - .. . Most -of the latzxpaittt.: trfly, itwould keep its areas potmta-..l~st~r for a, fcw years. But, it didfft, tiou wasn't here i- .ffx6raing to it.and it faded. 25 years: :when various chemi- and probably Cals, the s _0iigest "of which include doesfft appre- ulfilric: andhydrochloric acid, are problem in their own communities. So, they built tall smoke stacks, many as tall as 700 feet (the Washington Monument is 555 feet) so that smoke and chemicals would catch the winds and be dispersed. They even noted ciate that the ? lea ed into. the atmosphere and this in their stockholder reports as a air we breath in with rain- good thing. Problem is, the winds go and even ot~~ ~v~aterf Tlflsrw'as a ~'probtem in our from west to east and this pollution rain, has gotten area, Andit s med like nothing has to come down some place. That cleaner. Thongh co~.d be done. Large coal powered place, among others was Virginia. current act ;gei eNling pIants; mostly in the Ohio And our region got its fair share. in Congresd a fl V ley; Were dumping thousands of There were other impacts besides Bay and the Rappahannock all had high acid levels. Native trout stocks donors) new rules were put in place, reduce coal fired plant emissions by was the Supreme Court. Shortly scrubbers were installed and some at least 32%. It's a part of the effort before Justice Scalia's passing the old plants were taken out of service, to reduce the greenhouse gases in the court ruled 5 to 4 against the EPNs Now, particulate matter in the air atmosphere. But, it's run into some new rules. The Court said that the is down and so is the concentration serious opposition. Administration did not properly of chemicals that cause acid rain. The coal fired plants in question, at consider the costs of the new rules. This is in spite of a massive growth in least those that impact us, and they're This kind of ruling is unusual for the population in our region and a more about 30, run from Western Pennsyl- court and may or may not derail the than doubling of the number ofvehi- vania to the Mississippi River. Pow- new pollution controls Hopefully it cles. That's not to say that the air is as er companies, here and elsewhere doesn't. pure as what you would breathe on don't want to be forced to make the Besides, of course, there are costs. a clear day in the Rocky Mountains, investment in cleaner technologies But, hopefully the EP s analysis will but it's definitely better than it was. or alternative fuels and Congress is also factor in the effects of out of state These stronger regulations were wholeheartedly supporting them. pollution on our health and our wa- first implemented in the 1990's un- Needless to say, so are the coal com- ter supplies. It's not all about green- der President Clinton and were panics. In fact, if they could, they'd house gases and we have the clean air enforced and strengthened under like to weaken the existing laws and and cleaner rainwater to prove it. regulations. This isn't too surprising. But, one unexpected source of opposition in Virginia creeks and rivers were President Bush. Apparently, at least devastated, up until a few years ago, Democrats So, what happened? The answer and Republicans both liked dean air. was regulation by the Environmental But, recently, President Obama, car- Protection Agency. In spite of op- rying on thistradition set new clean when I painted my grandmoth&s this stuff was position from both sides of the aisle, air goals, with a pretty long imple- house. I used a high qual!ty exterior d us d'didfft want to cause a (power companies are big campaign mentation schedule, like to 2030, to r/ r-o .... From Senator Mark Warner . .S rLtoget rtoensurethe War soldier, captured at Five Forks or near every nationwide emitting When I took the oath to, serve as Sup arteac cyis promptly and held at Point Lookout prison, plant, to oversee compliance with your senator, I promised to welt and filled; My great grandmother, grandfather, the program. It will also require faithfully discharge the duties of the 1]tadeyotf, aunt, uncles etc. are buried here. the purchase of additional building office:' One of those duties is to:vote .... rlfW ner ; What can be done? space, and computers to collect data, on presidential nominations. , - l hmond, YA The president will s0.on / .... nomination to the Supreme Cou~ : i :l~l;i~ Staff: and it is our job as senators to take -: ~~ ~kgou aquestion. a close look at the nomirree and give :: ~'t?m a ~nt of the Clarke them a fair vote. The rhetoric wev, ; fame.[tOm King George, Va. I've seen from some about refusing to, : been visiting our family cemetery for JoAnn Clarke Turner Westminster, MD Carbon Tax? Those who believe that man's emissions of CO2 are responsible for Glob'al Warming have a "great idea". record, report, and perform the col- lection of confiscated money from plants nationwide. 3. The government will have to conduct a census of all Americans to determine who uses electric power from these plants in order to "return vote on any nomination is reckless "many year ,qOcated at Route 3 to Rt Confiscate a sum of money monthly, a proper portion," of the confiscated and irresponsible 305 ad oss highway 301. Cemetery increasing annually, from CO2 emit- money to each household. To be loin with me today and speak out' i ocat d on the right of way and ters, specifically power plants that fair, those who use electricity gen- e :ated by, hydro, nuclear, or other .use coal and oil to produce our dec- against the political games thafare: p erty., : ,: " paralyzing the Senate. Demand the qhe cemetem] is inn disgraceful tricity. They advertise this program power source will not be eligible for next nominee to the Supreme Court,. trees:gr ing up among as "revenue neutral whereby the this generous return of money. And, get a fair vote. the graves,. etc, Wayland government collection agency will 'he government must decide who ..... : b" , "' t: .. Our nation needs a functmrnr g Clarke has passed away. The wife Supreme Court to uphold our de-i MnryChrkendionerlives next door. mocracy and safeguard our Wgll eir -shes,m:'Va Beach with her critical rights. Some have vowed to d hter C n iA I/awyer). I've writ- wait until after the next presidel t ks tliem vha er respolase. sworn in to consider filling the' va- : ~ai~@ i~,a:~]awqn Virginia about return the money confiscated to each household to offset the huge increase in electric bills which will result from such a plan. Let's look at what likely will be involved: 1. Power plants must develop, tses what source, and at what per- :entage. All of the above, and probably nuch more, will cost billions! You hink this is nonsense? Think again. 3o you really believe this "revenue , cancy. .......................... ,- up, I'mtest, and procure devices to capture, . aemral" fraud.- .And,. the kicker, it , This could leave us~~fiill,;,~no~,~r~,.'l;m;a,mCmber of the King weigh, recor&and reportCO2.emis=. ~w.ilLdo nothing to.alterglobalwarm- Supreme Court for at least a ,- G gi ric'at Society. Someone sions. New personnel must be hired ing - CO2 is not the driver! or longer. . * ntioned that maybe a Boy Scout and trained for these tasks. F.C. Dugan III It's time for everyone in the Senate " .... ,. " ' trOOl . i l do a project on clearing 2. A new government agency for Hague, VA to take a step back from the heated ti emem y Adso, community ser- tracking and collection must be cre- rhetoric and political talking points, projecft t/ihigh school group, ated to execute the program. This Get all the local news in your It's time for us to do the work pe - Also th , akley cemetery next will require hiring and training of mailbox every week for pie like you elected us to do and flae ea rfipl el *covered by brush new government employees to per- $24 a year, work that we have swornto do. " . ':, 'J!. ' " " form associated tasks. Additional Add your name today: . T i. _,:;' " .... ........ -. was a Civil new employees .must_ be station at call 775-2024 ' ' ' i'"i i ] S', ........ 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Used to be' United __ 27. Audio sound network 30. Girls actress Dunham 31. 1000 calories 33. Mekong people 34. Floor covering 35. Moroccan capital 37. Curtsy 39. Cheer 41. Database mgmt. system 42. Enough (archaic) 44. Release for a price 47. Similar 48. Not frequently experienced 49. Doctor 50. __ King Cole, musician 52. Lady Spencer 53. Nauseated 56. More 61. Stevenson classic 63. Uncontrolled 64. Homesick 65. Law CLUES DOWN 1. A continuous tube 2. Wet nurse 3. Rural France vacation re- treat 4. Greek capital 5. Synthetic hormone 6. Qatar capital 7. Of she 8. Maya __ of Vietnam Veterans Memorial 9. Not out 10. Tip of Aleutian Islands 11. __ Ling, Chinese mountain range 12. NW Netherlands resort island 13. One who acclaims 14. Adjust for functioning 17. U.S. Revolutionary Adams 22. Bury 23. Adventure stories 24. Swedish krona 25. Several carangid fishes 26. Spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation 28. Cavalry-sword 29. Mahogany family genus 32. In a way, goes away 36. Thyrotropin 38. Axe killer Lizzie 40. Solomon Islands capital 43. Eerie 44. Root mean square (abbr.) 45. A nearly horizontal entrance to a mine 46. Assembled 51. Racketeer 54. Grand __, vintage 55. Cognizances 56. Hair product 57. Iranian monetary unit 58. q-his (Spanish) 59. Jeopardy's Trebek 60. Small amount 62. Atomic #44 VIRGINIA WEWPO Nrs ?: :