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January 13, 2016     The Westmoreland Journal
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January 13, 2016

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2 Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016 THE JOURNAl. VIRGINIA VIEWPOINTS our iovernors a a secon When it comes to changes in the political system, Virginia, doesn't like to do anything quickly. For instance the General As- sembly didn't ratify the Nine- teenth Amend- ment to the Con- stitution, which gave women the right to vote, un- til 1952. That's 32 years after the amendment off]- DAVID S. KERR cially became the law of the land in 1920. It seems, Virginia doesn't like to rush things when it comes to change. Another good example is the single term limit for our governors. Virginia is now the only state that re- stricts its chief executive to a single term. Mississippi was the second to ized by the Royal Governor that is, that while having become a Virginia last holdout, but they went to two where the body instructed its dele- tradition, or anachronism, depend- terms in the 1980's. gates to the Continental Congress to ing on how you see it, just doesn't So, why does Virginia have such support independence. Since then fit into the 21st century approach to a problem with letting its governor Virginia has been nervous about running a state government. serve more than one term? Even the strong chief executives. Allowing a governor to run for a President gets to serve two terms. But maybe that anxiety has been second term requires passing a Con- Every other state in the Union lets carried a bit too far. A modern state stitutional Amendment. But, first the their governor serve two or more government has to have executive Amendment has to be passed, not terms, and they seem to do just fine. leadership. Even Virginia came to once, but twice by the General As- So, what's the issue? realize that necessity in the mid- 19th sembly, before its put on a ballot for a Some of its historic, and you know century when it allowed its gover- vote. It would probably be approved how Virginia is about its history, and nors to be popularly elected for four by the electorate, but the General As- it goes back as far as our Revolution- years. But, it was still limited to one sembly can't seem to move this one ary past. When Virginia was an Eng- term. However, given that the Gen- forward. Last year, it passed the State lish colony the Royal Governor had eral Assembly meets for only a few Senate, with considerable hi-partisan extensive powers, from finances to months a year, and also as a trade-off support, but it never saw the light appointments, and most notably he of sorts, for the governor's inability of day in the House. The House, it could call or dismiss the House of to run for re-election, Virginia's gov- seems, is the most jealous of a po- Burgesses at will. In fact, it was Lord ernor has more powers than most tential change in the relationship be- Dunmore's dismissal of the House state governors. Particularly when it tween the legislative branch and the in 1774 that led to an unauthorized comes to appointments, executive. meeting of the Burgesses, unauthor- But, it's an awkward arrangement But, it's hard to see how allowing Ralph Peregory, a big man with an even bigger heart (printed with permission from ed a certain tool or particular box of business each year Ralph's shining spent his life seeing what he could the author, Henry Hull, from the nails, Ralph was the person to see. moment in the sun came during the do, rather than focusing on what he Rappahannock Record} As the years passed Ralph's weight King George Home and Craft Show could not do. In that process he be- increased to over 700 pounds; then where he held court greeting one and came both one of the most recogniz- For the past two decades crossing in the early 1990s his health crashed, all who came. able and most beloved figures in the the Harry W. Nice Bridge on Route He collapsed and was in the hospi- Ralph was an extraordinarilyNorthern Neck. 301 over the Potomac River from tel unconscious for several months, thoughtful person. He truly cared Ralph Montgomery Peregory, Charles County, Maryland, into King but remarkably he came back. He about other people and spent his life June 5, 1955 - December 22, 2015. George County or, at the other end of lost 300 pounds, and enjoyed what, trying to be helpful, all the time with- R.I.P. the highways passage through King considering his disability, was a good out expecting others to see him as a George, at the Rappahannock River quality of life. charity. He was a "computer genius;' I.M.H.O. Bridge from Port Royal in Caroline He closed the hardware store and capable of resolving any issue that (in my humble opinion) County, motorists beheld a large bill- sold the building to his friend, Cap'n confronted him or any of his friends. "Life is Good" ... how many of us board advertising a local realtor. The Billy Robertson, the iconic Southern When the latter became mired in would say this recovering from sur- sign depicted him sitting in a wheel- Maryland seafood purveyor, famous cyberspace, the first call to be made gery, loss of job, loss of health etc? for his crab house overlooking the was to Ralph. This phrase was one way to identify chair, smiling as he did all his life. Potomac. Grateful to be alive after Upon initially meeting him, new Ralph Peregory. He was always posi- His name was Ralph Peregory, and his bout with illness, Ralph set out people saw his obesity, but almost rive. No matter what. Never have I last month he died after a lifetime on a new course, studying real estate, immediately, that characteristic was met or worked with someone so giv- affflicted with disability. Ralph was a and obtaining his license in short or- lost as one appreciated this multi- ing. Even from his deathbed Ralph native of King George, and a product der under the aegis of his friend, Stan talented and gregarious individual was looking out for others. His final of its high school. While in school Palivoda. He specialized in commer- with the inquiring mind as to how wish was to have donations made to coming home one day on the school cial property, but sold a good amount he could be of assistance. Gradually, KG Social Services and their food bus, he was involved in a major traf- of houses as well. the multitude of his health problems pantry. tic accident, from which he recov- He was able to drive his car and continued to mount, and sadly Ralph His dry wit will be missed. His ered, but the experience was one that pickup to show clients properties, retired from real estate, but through photos are priceless. Those lucky stayed On' his mind throughout his and managed his Wheelchair with the Internet he kept in regular con- enough to have known Ralph have life. impressiv6 dex'terity. He thrived on tact with friends and clients alike, some sweet memories of adven- Stated succinctly, Ralph had been the intricacies of writing detailed constantly commenting on Facebook tures with him. And of his love for a big boy. His weight was his lifetime contracts, and was ever patient in posts, and sending chatty little mes- all things bacon. He was ever ready affliction, but despite it as an adult he answering his clients' questions. He sages. In retirement he lived quietly, to lend a helping hand. How many of functioned well, owning and operat- often said that in his first year in real and last year he entered hospice care, us checked his weather reports and ing his own hardware store by the en- estate he had earned $44,000, more and then finally the nursing home. literally planned our days around trance to the naval base in Dahlgren. than in any year in the hardware For 20 years Ralph was literally them? He was Mr. Popularity, with friends business. His success led him to move a poster boy for real estate, but far We will go on each day. Trying to all through the Northern Neck and from his trailer in Dahlgren to a nice more importantly, he was a poster be positive in all things. Life IS good! Southern Maryland. If anyone need- home in a residential community. In boy for triumph over adversity. He And better for having had Ralph in it. lorideem Sometimes health is measured in Accepted, Compassionate Family Foot Care f Dr. Inez M. Weekes, D.P.M. 540-775-7881 The Journal Complex, 10254 Kings Highway, King George 11227 James Madison Pkwy., King George south of the intersection of US 301 and Rt. 205 Do you have family members interred at Historyland Memorial Park? Would you like your final resting place to be near a family member? Or perhaps you would like to purchase a group of lots for your family members. Come see us to learn what burial lots are available. We have some new options available for markers and benches, incluing benches for cremains. Susan Muse can help you complete burial arrangements call her at 540-775-7733. Want your voice heard? 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Postmaster, send 3579 to: The Journal, Post Office Box 409, King George, Virginia 22485 a governor to seek a second term in- term governor will probably be in- fringes on the prerogatives of the leg- traduced again when the legislature islative branch. For one thing, gay- convenes in January. And it will ernors would face a higher degree of probably meet the same fate as the accountability. That is if theywanted last time it was introduced. But, a second term. Also, and perhaps maybe not. most important, they would have There is at least a hint of interest in time to implement their programs, the House about a change to the sin- Getting a legislative agenda through gle term limit. It may not be enough the General Assembly, under a term to even get it out of committee, but if limited system, is hard to do. Most the idea keeps coming back, maybe governors are considered lame ducks someday, in the far distant future, by their third year. Two terms would we'll join the other 49 states and give everyone more time and con- allow our governors to seek a sec- tribute to stability, and terms. But, you know how the A new bill for a Constitutional Commonwealth doesn't like to rush Amendment allowing for a two- things. 1 5 7 6 8 76 9 981 5 6 4 7 3 1 9 4 8 51 5 6 3 Level: Intermediate CLUES ACROSS 1. Color properties 5. Arabian greeting 10. Frozen spike 12. Levels 14. Tear down social stiffness 16; Rapper Hammer's initials 18. Midway between E and SE 19. Shooting marble 20. Edward __, British composer 22. Largest English dictionary (abbr.) 23. Cygnus' brightest star 25. Goidelic language of Ireland 26. Midway between N and NE 27. Auditory organ 28. Last month (abbr.) 30. Indicated horsepower (abbr.) 31. Mediation council 33. Aussie crocodile hunter 35. Sylvan deity 37. Clears or tidies 38. In a way, emerges 40. Whimper 41. G. Gershwin's brother 42. Begetter 44. Seated 45. Old world, new 48. Girls 50. "Song of triumph" 52. A covering for the head 53. Attack 55. Norwegian krone 56. Coach Parseghian 57. No good 58. Task that is simple 63. A way to move on 65. In a way, advanced 66. Loses weight 67. Shift sails CLUES DOWN 1. Go quickly 2. Fiddler crabs 3. Cervid 4. Gundog 5. Gushed forth 6. Caliph 7. Shoe cord 8. Give extreme unction to 9. Of I 10. % Doll's House" author 11. Documents certifying au- thority 13. Drunk 15. Principal ethnic group of China 17. Crinkled fabrics 18. Longest division of geologi- cal time 21. Pancake 23. Small pat 24. A garden plot 27. Strayed 29. Surgical instrument 32. No. French river 34. Modern 35. Now called Ho Chi Minh City 36. Set into a specific format 39. Exhaust 40. Individual 43. Moves rhythmically to music 44. D. Lamour "Road" picture costume 46. Having earlike appendages 47. Certified public accountant 49. Outermost part of a flower 51. Supplement with difficulty 54. Plains Indian tent (alt. sp.) 59. Electronic warfare-support measures 60. Displaying a fairylike aspect 61. Taxi 62. They_ 64. Syrian pound See our Classified Page for the answers |